What we CAN….and CAN NOT do

16 Years ... GlassSlippersCC...the brand gets NOTICED

There are some non-negotiable changes to our Flip Flop sandal public listings for sale


What we CAN Continue to do:

~Provide the same uniquely exquisite ...handmade custom GlassSlippers flip flops...using Brazilian made sandals of the finest quality

~Provide exceptional client care ...gaining a ton of friends and fans while we work

~Share photo samples of fresh product designs and best selling favorites

~Celebrate the brand ...Glass Slippers Crystal Couture has proudly gained an amazing following...the reputation has stuck

Items are exclusive, hand made and designed by Saundra Clare for GlassSlippersCC

In no way are my creations affiliated with any other production partners


What we CAN NOT continue to do:

~Associate legally trademarked names, photos, and marks  belonging to other brands in an attempt to advertise or promote GlassSlippersCC products

Most recognizable details of an item are regestered and legally owned by their global brands

They can not be used publically by others without licence or permission from trademark owners



Etsy does not question the legal trademark rights of other brands

If a legitimate concern is brought forward ...a shop will simply be shut down for violating Intellectual Property policies...no questions asked

Clarifying material brand names has primarily been about full transparency and what's best for clients ...however...it isn't legal or proper to potentially "confuse or mislead" buyers about the true origin of GlassSlippers items

So...in year 16... GlassSlippers hasn't changed ...but how the brand is communicated ...has 

Thank you for your continued support of my small handmade business ❤️  


Saundra Clare 


Legal imprint