Lemons into Lemonade.....Crystallizing the World!

Glass Slippers Crystal Couture
Artist & Designer Saundra Clare

MISSION: To exceed my clients expectations
To wake each morning thinking...."I have the BEST job ever..so much FUN!"

I have an amazing network of supporters who cheer me on
As an army of one I’m "Crystallizing the World" with my brand of personal wearable art

The story began in 2008 after catching a glimpse of crystal sandals out of Florida... I quickly told myself, "I can do that!"

Since then… more than +6500 custom GlassSlippers items have sold to clients around the globe
Fans of my brand return annually for more original GlassSlippers creations

Every single client is special and I LOVE helping with the "little" details
Contact for exceptional quality products and the very best client care

Looking forward to creating for you!

Thank You!
Saundra Clare

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